Car rental in Dubai for your weekend getaway or business trip will always help with travel issues in the Emirates. At, we strive to provide our customers with the best car hire service in Dubai; with more than 20 different brands of vehicles and door-to-door pick-up and delivery service available, booking a cab from the airport to your destination has never been simpler! Here are some key advantages why choosing us as your go-to car hire provider in Dubai makes sense: 24/7 Availability of Assistance and Service No matter when or where you book a car with us, whether at noon or midnight. And if any problems arise during your journey - such as battery failure or other mechanical problems - our staff members will be there to help make things easy for you.

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Our services are flexible and tailored to fit any schedule; let us know what time best works for you, and we'll take care of the rest. At, our motto is always to provide our customers with all the best offers. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide any assistance needed and offers 24/7 support from our staff members. will always work hard to solve any queries during your stay. Dubai Offers Low-Cost Car Rental Services At Car Rental Dubai. We guarantee our clients the most cost-effective automobile rental services at unbeatable prices. Get your dream vehicle at a great price with us. Pick-up and delivery to any address in Dubai. If you need a reliable pick-up from Dubai Airport or another location such as a hotel or your home, We can arrange pick-up at an affordable rate and deliver you right to where you need to be. Check out our low-cost pick-up and drop-off services now! Visit our web portal and browse all the cars available on our site. Once you've selected a vehicle, you have two payment methods: online or cash upon delivery. Car delivery and pick-up Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we'll deliver the car directly to your address in Dubai.

Tips To Keep in mind while Renting a car in Dubai

If you are looking for easy pick-up and drop then you should check which car rental company is near your location and offering you fast delivery to your location. The most important thing you should do while hiring a car is you should check all the scratches and dents on cars. Shoot a video of the car from all sides and also take pictures of dents and scratches. Save them with you and send them to the car rental company to avoid any other problems and penalties from the company. While depositing security amounts use a credit card always so that the amount is automatically released to your card after the end of your car rental service. Please check all the documents and car rental agreement under the same company name from which you have booked your car.

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Hiring a car online is the best way to hire a car in Dubai. First of all, confirm one thing you are hiring a car from the actual car rental company or an agent. If you are getting a car from suppliers directly then you will get a low price without any commission. An agent will charge a high commission from you for car rental service in Dubai. If you are booking your car online then there are a lot of car rental service providers. You can check the best car rental provider in Dubai and compare the prices and get your car from the best car rental provider at a low price. With you are assured that you will get the best deals on your car rental services in Dubai.

Urban Ride car rental dubai

Get the best Car Rental at cheap prices and discount offers

If you are hiring a car with a Driver in Dubai and UAE then you will get some extra benefits on your trip. Relax and Tension Free Trip.

You can travel without any worry about traffic and rules. Our professional drivers know all the traffic rules and the best routes to make your trip easy and less time taking.

Low and Pre-finalised Price.

All the charges are on our sites with cars and drivers. You can check all prices for the number of hours you booked and the distance limit.

100% Safety with our Car Rental Service.

We keep all the vehicles maintained and keep servicing all the vehicles on time. We also try to make the car according to your need and always try to make the perfect according to you and your need like child booster seats, GPS, and drivers for driving your cars. We provide car rental service as well as car lease service in Dubai for personal and business travel. For getting the best and most amazing car rental service book your ride with us.

Why you should book Car with

Renting a car in Dubai for your weekend trip or business trip always helps you in travel-related trouble that you face in the Emirates. At we are always available to provide the best car rental service in Dubai to our customers. We have more than 20 brands of cars and provide doorstep delivery and pick up to our customers. You can easily book a cab with from the airport to your destination. Some of the key reasons are given below for why you can trust our car rental service in Dubai:

  • 24/7 Assistance and Service
  • You can book a car with us at any time whether it is noon or midnight. After getting a cab with us if you face any other issue like battery dead or any other problem with your car we are available to help you. Our assistants are quick to help you and make your trip hassle-free.

    At we always try to give you the best service and try to make our customers' trip pleasant. We are always there for you to give you full assistance and on-call support from our team. is always available to solve your queries.

  • Low Price Car Rental Service In Dubai.
  • We always assure our customers that we provide a low-priced car rental service in Dubai compared to other car rental providers in Dubai. You can get your desired car at your location at a low price. We serve the best services at low prices to our customers.

  • Pick up and drop anywhere in Dubai.
  • If you want a pick up from Airport or any other location in Dubai like Hotels or your house, we provide pick up at your location at a low price. You can get our low price pick-up and drop-off service.

Visit our web portal. See all the cars listed on our website. Select you desired cars you want for your trip. PAYMENT After selecting a car you can choose a payment option either online or you can pay in cash on delivery. CAR DELIVERY AND PICK UP After confirmation of payment, we deliver your car to your location in Dubai.


As everyone knows that UAE has seven emirates and all the emirates are spread wide and far. If you are willing to visit all the destinations like for shopping Mall of the Emirates and the famous Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the resorts located in Ras Al Khaimah, the best way to visit all these places in the car. To rent a car in UAE you have to submit the following documents.

For UAE Residents

Urban Ride car rental provide best offers
  • Passport copy
  • Local Driving licence
  • Emirates ID
For Tourists visiting the UAE

special offers on tourist form india, pakistan, russia, uk, usa
  • Passport copy
  • International driving license
  • Copy of Visit Visa/ Visa stamp
Tourists who are from the USA, Canada, and EUROPE can drive with their driving license only. They do not require an international driving permit.